This ABOUT section refers to the bath and body half of Gray Space Collective, which is ECHO FORMULA (previously known as the falcon soaperie)

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I love to use natural ingredients. All of the ingredients are listed on every soap bar and on my website. I use pure essential oils to fragrance my products. I stay away from animal byproducts, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, preservatives, and artificial colorants. All of my soaps are colored naturally with only clays and/or edible ingredients). I do not use ingredients that 'increase lather and hardness' such as sulfates or waxes.
I DO use organic sugar to increase lather! I use a luxurious amount of cocoa butter, shea butter and sunflower oil in my soaps. I use food grade lye (the one chemical necessary for turning natural oils & butters into soap), and filtered water. I use natural additives such as oatmeal, clay, ground tea leaves, pumice, seeds... the list goes on!

*All of the soaps are scented just enough to give a soft aroma while showering, but not enough to overwhelm and stick to the skin afterwards. If you'd love to have your skin scented, applying one of my body oils right after a shower is the way to go!

Each batch is handmade and hand cut so each soap bar weighs approximately 3.25 oz. 

*ECHO FORMULA is and always has been cruelty free. We own two holland lop bunnies that are like the 2nd and 3rd children in our family! 

I began making bath and body products during the winter of 2010 while my daughter was still an infant. Just as I wanted to know exactly what was going into her body, I wanted to know exactly what was going onto her body, so I started researching natural alternatives to 'baby bath gels', 'baby oil', vapor rub, and skin rash creams. I officially began the business during the summer of 2011. I make organic baby oil blends and mild, baby friendly soap bars along with my soap/scrub/body oil line.

I am way too meticulous about the tiny bits. I will frequently re-design and re-re-re-design labels, but the parts of the label probably no one cares about. And although I boast of simplicity, I must be in denial. Because to spend a painfully unnecessary amount of time making sure that the waves and peaks on the top of a soap log is 'right', is of complex (and crazy) mentality.
I use handcrafting as a sort of occupational therapy to keep my hands and mind focused on any given present moment of creating. I know most of you are probably like, 'wow, chill out, it's just soap.' And although I originally started JFSoaperie because of my child, I'm not entirely sure it's about 'soap and oils' anymore. It's about the love of craft! I'm almost certain I'd be giving a similar crazy speech if it were another craft medium I loved and turned into a small business.