note: ignore the soap mold in the image! You will be using a new mold that holds 4 more ounces of soap but since I haven't posted the new mold and pricing yet, this specific class is as previously noted, $27 per person.

Upon arrival, each crafter will receive gloves, spatula, measuring cup, a soap mold, and two small containers holding your color and scent.

 *non-refundable. But if you need to miss the class, please notify me at least one day before your class, so I can adjust my batch of oil blend and lye-water to the proper size before I make it. This way, your fee can be placed towards the next scheduled class and you won't have to purchase a new ticket. Thank you for understanding!

***Each crafter can choose up to two scents to blend together into the soap, and two colors to swirl in!

When you click on 'Reserve Spot', a form will pop up where you can enter in your options. Then click the add to cart button in the form. If you are paying for more than one person, do this step for each individual person.

[Essential oils/extracts currently available]
Anise (licorice)
Cedarwood (very woodsy)
Eucalyptus (this is very camphorous & strong!)
Lavender (soft floral)
Lemongrass (grassy earthy citrus)
Litsea (lemon candy aroma)
Patchouli (a very wet earthy aroma)
Ylang-Ylang (heavy floral)

Dark Gray



**PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS INFORMATION, then press add to cart to fill out the form, then click the shopping cart icon at the top right hand corner to checkout.

In this two hour class you will learn the basics of hot process soap making. This is the process of cooking a scratch made batch of oils, butters, and lye in a crock pot. 

Afterwards, each person will get 28 oz of hot soap to color and scent, and plop into their silicone lined mold. 

*The soaps require a few hours to cool before they can be released from the mold, so they will be ready for pick up the next day or anytime after. 

All natural soap requires a period of time to 'dry'. This is where over the course of time, more water evaporates out of the bars, and creates a super hard long lasting bar. Hot process soap needs a minimum of two weeks to dry. That means once the log is taken home, slice the log up to air dry before using or gifting to anyone.

A log of soap is approx 12.5 inches long x 3 inches wide x 1.25 inches tall. Once you take this log home you can cut it however you like!

*Please be aware of your allergies:
The ingredients that will be used in the batch of soap is a blend of olive oil, sunflower oil, unrefined shea butter, unrefined cocoa butter, coconut oil, and castor oil, along with essential oils and natural colorants that you choose

The minimum age for this class is 7 years old, and the crafter must be accompanied by a guardian.

Guardians, if you are planning to make your own separate batch along with your child, please reserve a spot for yourself as well.