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Blindfold Art & Craft Class

Saturday October 5th 6:30pm-7:15pm

$10 per crafter!
Ages 5 and up welcome!
But I highly recommend PARENTS purchase their own seat to have fun as well! There will be a raffle drawing at the end of the session!

This is a two part challenge:

Part 1: SCULPTING- I will randomly call out from a list of items that you will have to sculpt out of clay, then each crafter will have a couple of minutes to sculpt each item blindfolded! I will be taking photos of your masterpieces of course LOL. Just good clean fun! Each person will take home their polymer clay as well.

Part 2- PAINTING- this will be freestyle canvas finger painting using acrylic paints. Crafters will have the remaining time in the class to paint something on a 12x12 square of loose canvas, which you will also take home!

At the end of the session there will be a raffle drawing for a free 2 hour gift card to Flow!