Sara's Birthday Party!


Sara's Birthday Party!


Hi! Here is your link to reserve your time slot!

-Saturday August 17th (I added the option of starting later, just click with time slot you’d like to book for :)

-CRAFT- Shrinky Dink jewelry, and nail polish

-10 Crafters, at $17 each plus tax
-SUBTOTAL $170, plus tax, TOTAL $183.81
-25% non-refundable security- $42.50 (tax at checkout)

You can bring in any food/cake/drink you’d like! I’ll try to have all the crafting done within an hour and 20 -30 minutes, and then reset the tables so you can cut cake or cupcakes, etc.

If you have any other questions let me know!

*Detailed information about booking parties

$17 per guest.
-there must be a minimum of 6 crafters to receive the party rate ($17 per crafter for kids 12 and under)

--- A 25% retaining fee is required to reserve your time slot. This is due at the time of reservation. This retaining fee is non-refundable.
*The remainder is due the day of your time slot.
*If your final count is less than the minimum required for the discounted rate (so 5 crafters or less), the rate defaults back to $20 per crafter).
Cancellations. Stuff happens! If something comes up and you have to cancel, please let me know at least 24 hours advance.

Fee includes crafting supplies for each child.
*Party Favors and food/drink or cake are not included, but you are welcome to bring whatever you’d like! There is a mini fridge available if you need cold storage.
Fridge interior dimensions:
29 inches tall x 17 inches wide x 17 inches deep, let me know if you need me to clear some space for you! :)

Time Slot:
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