Eat This Bakery, Custom Wholesale Order


Eat This Bakery, Custom Wholesale Order


15 Bars of Cherry Pie
-Red and Light Tan Marble, cold process bars
- Almond/Citrus/Vanilla scent blend.

15 Bars of "Snickerdoodle"
-Light Tan and White Marble, cold process bars
-Cinnamon/Vanilla/Clove/Ginger scent blend

15 Bars of "Lemon Bar" Kitchen Soap
-Solid Yellow Hot Process bars
-Lemongrass/Litsea scent blend
-Loaded with ground pumice powder for exfoliation
45 Bars total
Wholesale price $2.25 per bar.
Retail Price of each bar, $4.50

Base ingredients for all of the soaps: Purified water, olive oil, coconut oil, unrefined shea butter, unrefined cocoa butter, food grade lye, organic sunflower oil, organic sugar. All soap bars are colored naturally and scented naturally using only pure essential oils and extracts.

All bars will be labeled properly, and will weigh approx 3.25 oz, and 1.50 inches thick. 

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