If you walked into my tiny office, you'd find a bunch of empty bottles, vials and jars on the shelves. All massage oils, perfume oils, and sugar scrubs are made fresh per order. 

Body oils are ideal. Lotions are water based formulas and most contain harsh ingredients, petrochemicals and preservatives that can do more harm than good, drying out skin and causing you to apply and re-apply all day long. Body oils contain zero water, zero preservatives (except for a small dose of vitamin E that serves as an extra antioxidant to keep the oils fresh), and most body oils, mine included, are free of petrochemicals, such as mineral oil. Mineral oil used to be thought of as a 'skin protectant' like petroleum jelly (think Vaseline Jelly and Johnson's Baby Oil), but both of these ingredients cause dry irritated skin. 

The base of all of my massage oils:
Pure Olive Oil- this oil is a great thin and high absorbent base for massage oils, helping to soften the skin.
Rice Bran Oil- high in vitamin E, and also has natural sunscreen properties.
Organic Avocado Oil- high in amino acids that help keep the skin smooth and elastic.
Organic Sunflower Oil- high in vitamins A, D and E, this nourishing oil is great for damaged and dry skin.
Organic Jojoba Oil- this oil is really a liquid wax, with the same absorption properties as our own skin, helping to balance the skin own excess oil production.
Vitamin E- used as an oil antioxidant, and extra boost to help keep the oils from turning rancid.

Never put your bottle in the microwave or heat over hot water. Excessive heating will decrease the lifespan of your body oil. Keeping your bottle out of direct sunlight will also help keep your oils from degrading.

The sugar scrubs are also made fresh per order, made with organic sugar and a huge chunk of unrefined shea butter, not just to help keep the scrub thick and from separating, but for it's skin nourishing benefits. Shea butter is an edible fat from the nuts of shea trees, and is a great emollient (skin softener), and also a wonderful moisturizer (creating a natural breathable barrier on freshly moistened skin, locking in that moisture). None of my scrubs contain water or soap or detergents or surfactants. This is simple a blend of sugar, shea, and a plant based oils. Even after washing off with your bar of soap and toweling off, you can feel the oils and butter on the skin as if you had 'moisturized' after stepping out of the shower.