You CAN Have Your Cake And Eat It Too
With any one of these monthly subscription options, there's an automatic 15% discount off the average regular cost. Priority Mail shipping is also included! Get what you want, save some money in the process. 

A simple 3 bar subscription. Three different bars every month based on your preferences.

Lather & Rub
For my other soapy customers that also like the occasional body oil, you deserve some free shipping and monthly discounts too!

Lather, Scrub & Rub
Along with your soap bars and body oil, a monthly dose of my shea butter-sugary goodness. 

The Double Take Package
The same contents as the Lather Scrub Rub box, but instead of the regular body oil, this set comes with a 4 oz bottle of 'Double Take' oil. Double Take is much thicker than my standard oil blend. Packed with skin loving butters like shea and cupuacu, 'double take' is a better, long lasting moisture lock for skin affected by harsh dry weather.

What To Do
1. Select a monthly plan that caters to you.
2. Fill out the preferences for your profile and complete the order.
3. Sit back and relax, and just wait for your box of goodies to come every month, at a discounted price, and with free shipping.

Please read the Terms/Conditions below.

IMG_20140804_195707 (2).jpg
sugar scrubs.jpg

--Upon first payment, your first order will be shipped within 4-5 business days, through USPS Priority which is 2-3 day shipping.
Unlike most subscription goody boxes, your order will be not be bulk shipped with other customer subscriptions at the beginning or end of the month.. Subsequent orders will be shipped once a month, around the day your first order was shipped. For instance, if your first order was shipped August 7th, I will try hard to ship consecutive orders the 7th of every month. A monthly subscription payment will be treated like a payment for regular orders, which means my massage oil blends and sugar scrubs are made fresh per order once payment is received, and then shipped promptly.

-Like all of my regular orders, subscription orders will not be shipped on Sundays or Holidays (example, if your first order was shipped the Oct 24th, your next order will be shipped close to or on Nov 24th (as long as it's not Thanksgiving Day), but not Dec 24th (Christmas Eve), or basically any other day that the post office would be closed.

--You can update your preferences anytime! Please remember that there are a limited number of products. Depending on the time of the year, I only carry between 8 and 15 soap bar types, 5 to 6 body oil scent blends and currently only 5 sugar scrub scents. Whichever monthly subscription you choose, you may not request a custom order of soap bars. (By custom order I mean a request for a scent that is not already listed in my in stock scent options that can be found in the lather section in my main menu). If you would like custom scent blends for soap bars please check out the CUSTOM ORDER PAGE, and complete a regular order through the website. If you would like a custom scent blend for body oils, please include that information in your preferences, and I will mix in custom scent blends as options along with the 5-6 pre-determined scent options I keep 'in stock'.

--I would hate to see you go! But if need be (or want), you can cancel your subscription at any time before your next payment is withdrawn.
--You must contact me at GRAYSPACECOLLECTIVE@GMAIL.COM to cancel your subscription within 2 days of your billing date, and your payment will be refunded to you in full and shipments will end.
--However, if you cancel your subscription after that 2 day period, you will not receive a refund, as chances are I will have already begun processing that month's order for you. That's month's order of course will be shipped to you and that will be your last box.

-If you do not specify in your profile your preferences for scents, you will receive random picks. 

-If your payment information has changed be sure to update your account so your subscriptions are not disrupted. If there is an issue, I will send you an email to remind you to update or ask if you'd like to continue or cancel your subscription. You will also get an email every month the day your box has been shipped along with the tracking information so you can can look out for your box. 

Happy soaping!