100% natural baby oil

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100% natural baby oil

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-Petrochemicals (such as mineral oil, petrolatum found in classic baby oil products)
-Silicones/synthetic moisturizers
-Synthetic fragrances

2 oz of 100% natural, 98% organic baby massage oil. Made with the four nourishing, moisturizing, & softening oils of organic sunflower, organic hemp, organic avocado and organic jojoba.

**Your choice of unscented, or a natural and light aroma of either lavender, geranium, chamomile or neroli essential oils. 
-Most people know what lavender smells like, but if you don't; lavender just has a fresh, sweet clean floral aroma. Not to heavy and floral, not too sweet.
-Geranium essential oil has a light powdery rose aroma.
-Chamomile has a sweet, apple-like aroma.
-Neroli has a mild cologne aroma (you old school people out there might remember Para Mi Bebe Baby Cologne, the blue bottle? Well this is what neroli smells like, except WITHOUT the lingering scent of the alcohol base that 'baby cologne' fragrance sat in).

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