'Double Take' Butter & Oil Body Blend

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'Double Take' Butter & Oil Body Blend

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**This clear glass bottle comes in a 1 oz option (image shown), and a 4 oz option with a pump.

 Numerous times I've gotten this question, "Will you be coming out with lotions?". The answer currently standing is no because I believe that water free, natural oil blends are superior to lotions.

Body oils and butters give you more bang for your buck.
Right after a shower or even after simply washing your hands, the results of using oil blends to lock in that fresh moisture lasts much longer than numerous re-moisturizing with lotions. Lotions are usually made with harsh preservatives, synthetic moisturizers, and synthetic acrylic bases that are used as binding agents for the lotion. 

Here is my take on lotion. It's kind of a double take. It's a butter and an oil. A blend of super oils and super butters in a mini 1 oz bottle to take with you on the go, that can be used on skin all over, as well as hair.

*unrefined rice bran oil
, high in antioxidants, skin brightening properties, and it's ferulic acid helps protect from sun damage. It's high squalene content helps reduce wrinkles.
*organic tamanu oil, high in fatty acids, ability to heal scarred damaged skin.
*Unrefined babassu oil, high in lauric and myristic acids, a great emollient, with similar properties to coconut oil but a lighter weight oil that penetrates into hair and skin better, helping to improve a dry and itchy scalp.
*Unrefined shea butter, high in skin healing unsaponifiables and vitamin A, provides a breathable barrier on skin, locking in moisture.
*Unrefined cupuacu butter, a great emollient that helps the skin retain moisture, improves elasticity and reduces skin degeneration. 
*Unrefined kokum butter, a hard and stable butter that also improves elasticity and regeneration of damaged skin.
**Soy-free Vitamin E, used as an antioxidant to help improve the shelf life of the oils.

Your choice of unscented, a lavender/benzoin blend, or a rose geranum/lavender blend.

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