shea butter sugar scrub

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shea butter sugar scrub


*All sugar scrubs are made fresh per order.

5 oz of 100% natural exfoliation!

Organic sugar exfoliates, while shea butter absorbs into skin, softening and creating a moisture lock. Just scrub on, and rinse off any excess oils with your soap bar. After towel drying off, you won't feel the need to moisturize with a lotion or even a body oil.

BASE INGREDIENTS: organic sugar, unrefined shea butter, rice bran oil, organic sunflower oil.

Like all of my products, ZERO:
animal byproducts
sulfates or any detergents
parabens or any preservatives
silicones or synthetic moisturizers
synthetic fragrances or colorants

The shea butter, oil and sugar base comes in a variety of blends:

INDIGO-- lavender, bergamot, and cedarwood essential oils  and a touch of benzoin

SOFT LAVENDER-- lavender and benzoin

VANILLA ALMOND--  madagascar vanilla bean, almond meal, benzoin resin and a hint of bitter almond essential oil.

CITRUS SORBET-- simple five-fold orange essential oil.

COCONUT MILK-- organic unrefined virgin coconut oil, coconut milk powder, oatmeal and pumice

ROSE GERANIUM-- rose geranium essential oil and rose powder

*This is an oil based sugar scrub, not soap based, and contains zero water, and zero preservatives. Please avoid getting water in this product.

Please be careful when using this product as the tub can become slippery. This sugar scrub is blended with shea butter, not only for it's softening and moisturizing properties, but as a natural thickener so that the sugar doesn't separate from the oils. But if separation occurs, just shake well before squeezing a small amount from the tube. 

Each tube is 5.75" high, 2" wide at the bottom, 3" wide at the top.

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