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*In the same manner that time slots for kids' birthday parties must be secured with a non-refundable deposit, private crafting sessions must be secured as well. Tickets must be purchased in advanced and within a certain time frame so that I have enough time to prep or if I need to, secure extra supplies. If you you decided to cancel, 25% of each person's ticket is non-refundable. 


private ladies night crafting!
wooden plank class!

saturday, october 6th 6:30-8:30pm


This private class is for wood plank signs. The two hour class will allow for time to craft one plank, and time to chat/enjoy your beverages/bites :D ! 

It's simple really! You will "stain" your planks with any acrylic color you choose. I have heating tools for you to dry the planks faster as well. 
I will have your pre-designed vinyl pieces ready to go for you to peel and attach to your planks. Check out the images to the side for examples!

When you press add to cart a form will pop up!
It will ask for:
-your name
-your words/quote,
-font preferences, Check the above image for some popular options, but you can name one off of google if you like something I don’t have!
-orientation (using your plank horizontally or vertically). 
-color of vinyl (black, white, brown)